Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 1 - A few more pictures and thoughts

I'm really enjoying this laptop.

In spite of some of the hate that it is receiving, I really think that this laptop and change in style of computing is totally possible. If nothing else, the freedom that Google has given themselves with ChromeOS is going to lead to some cool solutions. I love that they got rid of traditional Fn keys, and things like num lock and scroll keys or whatever. I know some people will miss them, but the fact is, Google has made a clear statement that they don't mind changing anything and everything to come up with a good experience.

Now, again, many people have realized that, and many aren't happy. But guess what guys? You're not losing out on anything. Google isn't breaking anything by experiementing with something totally and completely different. So chill.

A couple more pictures of the hardware:

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