Monday, December 13, 2010

Day -4

I seem to totally not get how to count to zero via negative numbers. Oh well.

I spent a good amount of today shopping through the Chrome Web Store to get a better idea of what apps are available, and how they're going to work out on the laptop.

In particular, I'm wondering how well all of my current personal documents will be imported, given that they are all in Dropbox. I don't want to manually upload them into docs on my standard computer, because that would feel like cheating somehow. But I'm not sure if I'll just have to access the web interface every time I need my stuff?

I'm also wondering the best way to access my music/video/other media without uploading all of them wholesale. Hm. I'll have to wait and see the actual computer and what not.


  1. Can you tell us the difference between ChromeOS and Jolicloud?!? It seems like the EXACT SAME THING... :/

  2. ChromeOS has no drivers, no applications, no nothing. It will load faster and is only firmware and the browser, everything is the cloud. That makes it (theoretically) more secure and less in need of updates, and could quite possibly be impossible to get a virus.

    Jolicloud has none of those benefits, although it has the inverse benefits: Local storage, modularity, and greater hardware availability.

    The primary difference? The backing that Google represents.

  3. Wouldn't Chrome have to have some sort of "Preffered Applications" Settings?


    As far as i can tell Google Docs doesn't provide a way to open files from an URL except PDF's in the Google Docs Viewer?

  4. Yeah, that's something I've been trying to figure out as well. Near as I can figure, that stuff will be cached local.

    I'm also interested in how the chrome store apps that are "just links!?" may turn out in real Chrome OS, i e offline access.

  5. They don't turn out, they will just show a dead page, that's why im already working on an offline version for my Site, i know nobody visits but i couldn't care less, it's just too much fun seeing my Site Icon pop up in the Apps Section after install ^^. I should write a Tutorial on it cause it's totally Pie to do it. Or write a little generator Script for it.hmmm....too much ideas around here....